Meet Sibylle & Naomi


  • Sibylle is a soul-searcher, world-traveler and snowboarder. She currently tours Europe with her man and her dog in a camper van, learning how to surf while exploring a much simpler life. Sibylle is a senior yoga teacher with over 12 years of full time teaching experience and a practice of movement, meditation and enquiry of over 15 years. She facilitates her transformational SOULFIRE retreats in Morocco and Bali twice a year, mentors peer teachers and uses healing modalities such as Reiki and crystal work to help students find a more nuanced approach and refined awareness of movement, breath and life. She believes in utilising the practice to question the rules and scratching on surfaces in order to find more satisfying answers. Her classes are detailed, delicate and thought provoking. Her intention is to inspire your heart to live life with courage, openness and integrity.


  • Naomi has been teaching for 13 years. She originally qualified as a Physical Education teacher with a great interest and passion for exercise, activity and a healthy lifestyle.  Naomi began practicing Yoga in Dublin and went on to travel around the world practicing Yoga in India, Nepal, New Zealand and China.  She undertook her 200 hours teacher training qualification with the YTTC in Dublin and has since then continued training with many world renowned teachers in Ireland and abroad.  After completing her Pilates teaching qualification, Naomi went on to set up her own business teaching both disciplines full time in 2012.  

    Participating in various activities over the years and with many years experience in physical training, Naomi has found that Yoga and Pilates balance the body and have given her a deep appreciation and experience in mental training to create an holistic approach to fitness and health.  

    She teaches community and studio classes regularly in Dublin, leads retreats, trains Yoga teachers and offers continuing education.  Naomi‘s approach to teaching and her passion for education lies in giving individuals options to make empowered choices for their own health and well being.   She believes we can all develop the tools and skills we need to live true to our best Self.

    As well as teaching in person, Naomi writes a weekly email ‘Zen in the City’ and contributes to online media publications, offering practices and perspectives for a sense of calm and contentment in our lives.

    When not on her mat or teaching, Naomi also loves getting outdoors, rock climbing, the sea and coffee! 

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