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MyYogaBody was founded by Suzanne O’Sullivan

IMG_3405Yoga makes me happy and I teach to inspire others to find their happiness and find more space in there bodies. My classes are, intelligently sequenced and filled with great music and healing hands-on assists. I believe whole-heartedly that yoga is the most effective way to enhance one’s life and happiness. I love to teach a slow steady vinyasa flow style class or restorative class, yin, meditation, and breathe work. I have over 12 years in teaching classes and events.

Suzanne is also a qualified Dietitian and loves to give out healthy eating tips. Katonah yoga is her passion & she is the first Irish trained teacher. Check out the Katoanh website for Nevine Michaan and read more. 

Orla Fitzgerald ( Yoga Teacher & Acupuncturist)

My Yoga Body - Alan Rowlette PhotographyOrla began practising yoga over 10 years ago and it quickly became an integral part of her life. With the help of a wonderful teacher, Marianne Jacuzzi, she developed a daily Ashtanga practice. It was through this practice that Orla experienced the truly transformative power of yoga.

Along with health and fitness benefits, yoga helped her to find balance and tranquility in her everyday life. As an acupuncturist and herbalist, Orla was aware of the body’s ability to heal itself. Yoga, however, helped her to deepen her understanding of the importance of balance in body and mind.

She is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher. Her classes are dynamic and flowing and, with a focus on breath and cultivating awareness, she hopes to share the truly wonderful and unique benefits that yoga can bring to anyone who wants to practice.

Aisling Conn ( Yoga Teacher & Pilates Teacher)


AislingConnYoga-8Aisling Conn has been practicing yoga for close to 20 years and has been a qualified Yoga and Pilates teacher since 2010. She completed her 200hr Yoga Alliance Certification training at the Yoga Room in Dublin with Jodie Rufty & Ciara Cronin and Mat1&2 Pilates Teacher Training with Sarah MacLachlan in Pilates Performance Ireland.

Aisling is currently working towards completion of 500hr Advanced Certification in 2017 and teaches on RYT200 Teacher Training Program in Dublin.

Aisling’s approach to yoga is inspired by the styles of Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga and has studied under teachers in both Australia and Ireland, including Donna Farhi, Julie Gudmestad and Marianne Jacuzzi.

Her main Yoga practice is a blend of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow with teaching emphasis on correct, safe alignment in postures and the unlimited benefits, both physical and mental, that a regular practice can bring to any body.

Kim Jacob (BSc. Athletic Therapy and Training, RYT200 Yoga Teacher, ARTC, CSCS)

886666_158097981013727_819363398_oKim first discovered Yoga while studying towards her degree in Athletic Therapy and Training. A lover of all things physical from an early age she knew instantly that yoga was for her. After many years practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes she completed her Teacher Training in Kerala India early this year. During her work as an Athletic Therapist, Kim has had the privilege of working with many forms of the human body, from Olympic gymnasts to rugby players. She applies this experience and understanding of the human body to her teachings, trusting strongly in yoga’s ability to invigorate every individual with health, strength and well-being.

In Kim’s classes expect a physically strong but mindful practice, with a focus on body awareness, core stability and quality of movement.  She believes that Yoga is a truly transformational process, cultivating strength, grace and health in the body while instilling clarity, vitality and stillness of the mind.

Kim is also available as an Athletic Therapist in MYB.

My Yoga Body - Alan Rowlette PhotographySarah Jane O’Sullivan trained in Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Claire Missingham. After her first Vinyasa Flow class in 2004, she felt totally at home and has since spent many hours on the mat evolving and learning as much as she can. What drew her to this style is the beautiful flow and ease of moving through each posture, the feel of meditation in motion and the use of uplifting music.

Sarah-Jane believes all forms of yoga come from the same place and that they all have the same end goal – to achieve inner peace. She currently practices many different forms of hatha yoga and likes to incorporate all of what she has learned into her classes.

Over the years Sarah-Jane has learned that yoga is not only about the physical body but you can learn to heal yourself through mind-body awareness. The moments of stillness during each session can be extremely beneficial for healing and finding that connection with yourself again.

Yoga has enabled Sarah-Jane to find the strength to live and speak her own truth, to overcome fears and to enjoy each moment in life. She hopes to encourage each of her students to find the same. Sarah Jane is qualified to teach meditation, restorative yoga and vinyasa flow yoga and likes to use a little bit of each of these elements in all her classes. Her classes are alignment based with focus on breath awareness and have a fun, flowing nature.


Samantha Lee DoyleIMG_4262

 Sam is lover of movement. She’s a yoga teacher, a rock climber, a cyclist and a gymnastics enthusiast. Her lifestyle supports energy, balance and grounding, she incorporates these elements into her Vinyasa Ashtanga Restorative and Yin classes.
She is genuine, approachable and inspired by her love of movement.
Her classes are challenging, dynamic and showcase her high energy but also explores restoring and meditation.
In 2014 Sam completed her 200hr Yoga teacher training certification from Yandara in Mexico. She has continued to add to this with courses and workshops in a variety of a Yoga styles. Also completing advanced Anatomy teacher training. She has an 11 year yoga practice and believe that yoga is a journey not a destination.

Liz O Connor


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