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OverProject-2Click image above to buy Sale Gift Vouchers. One offer per person sale ends Dec 27th. You can also find these Sale class passes on class pass section so you can add right onto your account now and enjoy over the next few months. 


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Membership & Unlimited Packages Price/Month Or Just One Month
30  Classes 30 days For new members only, If you are new to yoga please note it is best to start off with beginners classes.  €69 expires in 1 Month
***Om Yoga Package €99 ( Monthly Auto Pay) €130
Allows you full access to all Drop In classes.
Allows you access to Drop-In classes.


Yoga & Pilates Class Passes Pass Price Per Class Exp
* 4 €64 €16 4 mths
* 6 €90 €15 4 mths
 8 €120 €15 4 mths
10 €145 €14.50 4 mths
20 €270 €13.50 6 mths

Pay as you go drop-in
Your First class €17
Regular €17
Private Class
60 mins €70
Small Groups Please call

**Om Package is paid monthly with son-line auto-pay on the same day each month. After 3 months it will end – contact the studio for details.  Min 3 months on this contract or pay the difference for a Zen One Month Only that is 130 per month.

**Zen Package  is paid monthly with on-line auto-pay on the same day each month, you can cancel after 12 months or continue – contact the studio for details. After 12 months, contract can will end. Min 12 month with this package, or pay the different for all months past paid for the Zen one month only.

**Any Special offer or discount is a one time introductory offer only allowing to you once and cant be mixed with any other offer.

Student Discount

20% discount for full-time students on 4, 6,  Class Passes & drop-in (Does not apply to unlimited passes). Must be a full time student and under 30. We also have a 3 month unlimited option, €89 per month auto pay.

Terms & Conditions

All fees & class passes are non-refundable and and non-transferable.
Monthly & Class passes are valid for the time outlined and cannot be extended

First time students: Arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of a class to complete student registration.

Yoga Mat Rental €2.00
Towel Rental €2.00
Yoga Mats €25.00
We also have a large selection of More expensive mats.
Special Yoga Towel €29.00
  • In the world of yoga- no two experiences are ever the same. That’s why we put a lot of thought into designing a unique experience that feels special from start to finish, while still offering great value for money.

Volunteers Needed:

Are you interested in earning FREE Yoga Classes? Volunteers earn one free yoga class for work in our studio. We select volunteers from our yoga student community, so if you are interested in this work-share program …call us for more information 01 236 0538

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