Yoga & Injury

There has been a lot of talk lately in the press about ” Injury caused by Yoga classes”. Yoga should never hurt there is a way to practice and if it hurts its not right, try modify your practice if you are in pain. Lets practice ”Ahimsa” (nonviolence) nonviolence to your self on the mat and in every way of your live. However, an injury offers a chance be patience, and listen to your breath more.

It is crucial to avoid re-injuring yourself. This does not mean you must stop practicing, but you should modify your practice. Try to find the origin of your injury. Please speak to myself (Suzanne), Orla or Aisling about any issue you have we always have time to listen. Once you’ve identified the source of your injury, you can modify poses to protect yourself from further pain.

Yoga will not wreck your body, but we need to pay attention to how we are feeling and correct it. Yoga is not about getting your legs behind your head, but being present and doing what feels good for your body, and not to forget having fun at the same time.

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